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Internet Presence Providers
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When you host your web site with N-sites, reliable HP 9000 UNIX servers provide a powerful platform for your Internet presence. We protect your site with 24 hour monitoring, extended run-time UPS, and daily tape backups. We offer a a 30 day money-back guarantee, which provides a refund for the current month if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Free Web-based E-mail

Basic Hosting

Text-based site$5/month
1 MB site with photos, logos, etc.$15/month

Virtual Domain Hosting

Virtual Server Lite with 5 email accounts$25/month
Virtual Server Pro with 10 email accounts$35/month

Existing accounts can add any of these options at any time:

Extra disk storage$2 per 2MB per month
POP Email accounts for any account$3 each per month
SSL/PGP secure services$10 per month

Basic Web Hosting


  • Your web site address will be www.n-sites.com/yourcompany
  • Up to 1MB of disk space for your web site (Plenty of room for scanned photos, logos, etc.)
  • Detailed web usage statistics (how many people are accessing your site, what they are searching for, their computer's internet address, etc.)
  • SSL secure web services available as an option


  • No setup charge
  • $5 per month for a text-based page
  • $15 per month for up to 1 MB of disk space (plenty of room for scanned photos, logos, etc.)

Virtual Domain Name Accounts

With a virtual domain name account, your Email address can be username@yourcompany.com, and appears in your "From:" header when you send mail. Receive mail automatically for addresses like info@yourcompany.com, sales@yourcompany.com, and support@yourcompany.com. You may configure an unlimited number of forwarding aliases for your domain at no extra charge. Your web site address will be www.yourcompany.com. Setup charge includes registering your new domain name (does not include the $70 registration fee to InterNIC, good for two years).


  • Your domain name appears in your URL (web site address) and email address
  • Domain name registration is provided
  • All of the robust features of our Basic Web Hosting Account (see above)
  • Unlimited email aliases under your domain

Virtual Server Lite

This account has the same robust features as our Basic Web Hosting Account with a big advantage: your Web site and email address use your own unique domain name. This account makes use of current web server technology which provides a "Virtual Web Server" without requiring the use of a unique IP address. Modern browsers (such as Netscape versions 2/3/4 and MSIE 3.0 and greater) can access your website with the URL "http://www.yourcompany.com". Older browsers that are not compatible with non-IP virtual hosts will see our domain locator page. Older browsers will view your site using the URL: "http://www.yourcompany.com/yourcompany".


  • Up to 10MB of disk space
  • 5 10MB POP/IMAP email accounts


  • $25 per month
  • One time setup charge of $40

Virtual Server Pro

A Virtual Server account makes it appear to the world that you have your own web server. Your URL is the ultimate Internet Web address: http://www.yourcompany.com. A unique IP address is assigned to your domain, and your URL is compatible with all web browsers.


  • Up to 40MB of disk space
  • 10 10MB POP/IMAP email accounts


  • $35 per month
  • One time setup charge of $40

Flexible Email Services

Email accounts have a user name (eight characters or less) that can appear under our domain, or your domain. You may advertise certain addresses and have email to that address automatically forwarded to your email account from your ISP. In many situations, an additional POP/IMAP email account is only necessary when it is desired that the "From:" header in outgoing email show a particular user name and/or domain name. POP/IMAP email accounts capable of 10MB of storage can be added to any account for $3 each.


Payments by check must include the setup fee and first three months of service. If you prepay by check or moneyorder for six months of service, you will receive the seventh month FREE.

After receiving your initial payment, we will register your new domain name with InterNIC. The Internic domain name registration charge (good for 2 years) is $70.00. This is billed directly by Internic with "Net 30 Days" terms. You will receive an invoice from Internic after your domain name becomes official.